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Looking for Swiftlet Sound for your bird house?

At SwiftletSounds.com, we have an extensive collection of external, internal and pooling sounds to lure Swiftlets into your BH.

 swiftlet sound collection

Over the years, we have slowly accumulated collection of Swiftlet sounds and we are here to share it with you. As of to date, we have in total 3.5 Gig of sound files.

 internal swiftlet sound

If you are having difficulties in attracting the wild Swiftlets into your BH, you should seriously consider expanding your sound collection. It is an undisputed fact that besides having an optimum micro-habitat and a well design bird house layout, the key to own a successful bird house is to possess a compilation of effective Swiftlet sounds.


External Sounds
Swiftlet External Sounds
Click Here to View the Swiftlet External Sound Collection

Internal Sounds
 Swiftlet Internal Sounds

Click Here to View the Swiftlet Internal Sound Collection

Pooling Sounds
Swiftlet Pooling Sounds
Click Here to View the  Swiftlet Pooling Sound Collection

Swiftlet Bird Call Test
Swiftlet Bird Call Test
Download a copy of one of the most effective Swiftlet Bird Call test

Immediate Download

We provide a hassle free way of acquiring the sound file. You no longer need to wait for the sound file to be posted or couriered to you. A download link will be sent to you which you can download at your convenience.

Swiftlet Videos

Black Cloud Invaded Tuaran
Black Cloud Invaded Tuaran

Successful Swiftlet Farming
Successful Swiftlet Farming

Swiftlet Pooling Sound in Action
Swiftlet Pooling Sound in Action

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